Pisos pintados: una forma peculiar de agregar color a una habitación

Siempre que queremos añadir color a un espacio inmediatamente pensamos en pintar la pared o conseguir una alfombra o muebles de colores pero la idea de un suelo pintado casi nunca viene a la mente. Es bastante inusual, por decir lo menos, pero cuando lo piensas, esta es una forma muy efectiva de agregar carácter a una habitación, no solo color. Imagina todas las diferentes posibilidades. Podrías hacer muchas cosas geniales con pintura. Veamos algunas de las opciones.

Antes de entrar en detalles, debemos cubrir algunos de los consejos básicos para pintar pisos. Todos están explicados en thriftyandchic . En primer lugar, es importante raspar el suelo y eliminar la suciedad y el polvo. Después de que el piso esté limpio y seco, puede comenzar a pintar. Pinta primero los bordes y cuando hayas terminado, pinta también el centro. Asegúrate de comenzar desde el lado de la habitación opuesto a la puerta para que puedas salir al final. Después de eso, aplique una capa de acabado protector.

It’s not mandatory to paint the whole floor, at least not if you want to decorate it using a stencil. It’s a cool and original way of making the floor look more interesting and eye-catching without having to rely on rugs. You can make your own stencil out of cardboard. There’s a nice tutorial on remodelista which can offer a few helpful tips. For example, laminate the stencil using tape so the paint doesn’t get absorbed into the cardboard.

Maybe you’ve seen these images before. This is the interior of the rainbow house, a very cool home with slides instead of stairs and rooms decorated with different color palettes. One of the coolest details in each room is the painted floor. There are quite a few awesome examples of patterns which could inspire you if you want to one day paint your own home’s floors. Find more details about this house on desiretoinspire.

Another idea is to paint the floor using a repetitive geometric pattern. That can be done using tape. Choose the colors carefully. Two bring colors such as green and turquoise can look pretty awesome together, as demonstrated in this design created by architect  Joan Swartz. However, if you want something less eye-catching, you can always choose the timeless black and white combo or something a bit more neutral.

You can paint the floor to match the color scheme of the interior. In the kitchen, the floor can match the backsplash or the walls and you can use two colors if you don’t want the decor to be monotonous.

It’s pretty amazing how much painting the floor can change the look and ambiance of a room. Furthermore, the technique is also very useful for creating a specific theme. For instance, a beach home or coastal-themed house might have light blue floors, like the ones designed here by Andra Birkerts.

Since wood flooring only comes in so many colors, there’s aren’t that many options. However, if you take into consideration the possibility of painting the floor after the boards have been installed, this gives you the opportunity to customize the color scheme in an infinite number of ways. The colors and the pattern don’t have to be unconventional to look cool. A white and blue checkerboard floor can look cool anytime.

Painted floors are awesome because they completely transform spaces. They’re also cool alternatives to colored walls. By painting the floor and leaving the walls plain and white you can create a simple but at the same time eye-catching decor. For an even more interesting and original look you could also decorate the ceiling.

Painted floors don’t necessarily have to be colorful. You can for example paint the floor white in order to make a room look more open and spacious or to give it a Scandinavian-inspired look. Check out this farmhouse-style bedroom as an example.

When in doubt about which colors of paint to choose for your floors, consider the timeless and always elegant black and white combo. You can create stripes or a checkerboard pattern and the combo looks nice when painted with pretty much any other nuance. This bedroom designed by Das Studio could be a good source of inspiration.

A colored floor can cheer up a room in a way that nothing else can. It’s a fun idea if you don’t want to add a rug but it’s just as great if you actually put a rug on top of your painted floor. Either way, it will look charming. We think it’s an especially great idea for small rooms.

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